With sixteen congregations, Idaho is growing with a very rich multi-cultural mix of believers. There are churches from the fertile Treasure Valley in the west to the gorgeous mountains in the east. Experiencing the vast horizon of opportunities in these churches, they have ignited the spread of the message of Jesus to a new generation of believers. Their State Presbyters are Pastor Monte holt and Pastor Miguel Villanueva.

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The diverse climate and topography of Oregon makes it a beautiful place where we have twenty-one churches and two missions. With a multi-cultural and multi-lingual mixture, these churches welcome all. From the cities to small rural areas, there is a growing urge among all generations to reach people with the good news of a new life in Jesus. Pastor Eduardo Lara and Pastor James Willis serve as State Presbyters for Oregon.

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In a majestic setting of deserts, farms and mountains, Utah has nine growing churches with a multi-cultural ethnicity and three languages spoken. From the cities in the north to the gorgeous scenes of southern towns, these churches are growing with an emerging generation who are committed to sharing the life and hope they have found in the Lord. Pastor Jimmy Poma serves as their State Presbyter.

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The Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation has been experiencing a great spiritual renewal in Jesus Christ. While we have one church near Pinehill, New Mexico, we have many more evangelistic tent meetings going on throughout the Navajo Nation. In the expanses of this enchanting land, the Gospel is being shared in the Dané and English language. Presbyter Jimmy Poma helps guide this work with Pastor Patchie Cohoe and Bob Beaver.

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Support a cause

There are several areas that need your generous support in our region and outside of our region as well, families in need, church construction, children shoes and clothing, etc., please get involved in supporting one or more of these causes...