State Biblical Institutes

Regional Conv. Workshop

The Church of God of Prophecy in Idaho, Oregon, Utah and the Navajo Nation is frequently called the IOU Region. In late 2013, the Regional Bishop Wallace Pratt was approached by Pastor Jonas Palacios concerning the founding of a biblical institute to offer further training for pastors, ministers and other leaders. Within a few months, the Oregon Biblical Institute was established and began to hold classes on four Saturdays each year. In 2015, the Idaho Biblical Institute was formed. In 2017, the Utah Institute was established. Throughout the IOU Region, these classes are designed for both practical and graduate level students to learn various courses pertaining to the Bible, Christian History, Leadership Principles, Pastoral Counseling, Social Issues, and other ministerial and leadership subjects. Bishop Jonas Palacios became the first Principal for the Oregon Biblical Institute and Dr. Wallace Pratt served as the Superintendent to help us expand these biblical institutes into Idaho and Utah. As of May 2024, the IOU Region will establish or first institute on the Navajo Nation and it will work in conjunction to the Utah Biblical Institute and be directed by Herbert Gomez.

The Idaho Biblical Institute became a reality with Pastor Denver Race as the first Principal for their school. Afterwards, Benjamin Botkin succeeded Jonas Palacios as the Oregon Principal.  Herbert Gomez is the Utah biblical Institute Principal. All three institutes work in collaboration with one another with Dr. Pratt serving as their Superintendent to facilitate excellence in planning and instruction. All classes are conducted on Saturdays and begin at 9:00 a.m. Since their inception, the three institutes try to conduct four courses annually in each state during four separate months of the year. The IOU Biblical Institutes are registered as a recognized educational school in the States of Oregon, Idaho, and Utah.

We are blessed that all three principals have a Master of Arts Degree, as well as all of our instructors. Our Superintendent holds two doctoral degrees. Courses are offered in various venues throughout this region for the Church of God of Prophecy. For details of dates, subjects, instructors, and locations of classes, you can contact us at the following email address-

Those interested in pursuing more study can come from any church background  and do not have to hold ministerial credentials. The purpose of our biblical institutes are to help train and prepare Christian leaders for service within their local church and for the communities they serve. 

Wallace Pratt
Telephone: (503) 364-7852

Idaho Principal
Pastor Denver Race
Telephone: (208) 899-1129

Oregon Principal
Benjamin Botkin
Telephone: (503) 400-9467

Utah/Navajo Principal
Herberth Gomez
Telephone: (801)367-4303