What is the COGOP?


What is the Church of God of Prophecy?

The Church of God of Prophecy is a vibrant, worldwide body of believers, united in worship, working hand-in-hand to share God’s love and a message of hope to the brokenhearted. The Church of God of Prophecy has over one-and-a-half million members, worshiping in over 10,000 churches in 125 nations of the world. Nearly 90% of our global membership is outside of North America.

The Church of God movement began over one hundred years ago in the humble hearts of earnest believers in a miracle-filled revival that took place in a schoolhouse near Camp Creek, North Carolina in 1886. Soon led by an energetic young pastor from Indiana named A.J. Tomlinson, the group was more formally organized in 1903 as the Church of God and relocated its headquarters to neighboring Cleveland, Tennessee the following year. This movement now uses the official name of the Church of God of Prophecy, although many of her congregations use local names to identify themselves within their communities.

From the beginning, these spiritual pioneers pledged themselves to continue the work of the New Testament church. Their desire to retain the fervent passion of the early believers in Jesus Christ and a continuation of the Spirit-filled Christianity identifies them with the book of Acts. This desired connection with early Christian expression continues today with a mandate that all church decisions be committed to prayer and based on scripture.

In contemporary theological terms, the Church of God of Prophecy is a Protestant, evangelical, holiness, and Pentecostal movement that believes in man’s free will regarding salvation. They have four core values that emphasize prayer, harvest, leadership development, and biblical stewardship. Many sources name the church of God of Prophecy as the most multi-ethic, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural church in the United States

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